About Us

AYBA Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C. was founded in Dubai in November, 2011 by professional and integrated team.

The company has been growing since it started due to the vast knowledge, expertise and relations that the owners had gained working in the UAE and Dubai for the last 10 years. That allowed AYBA Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C. to have the resources to ensure that your project is done in time and with the quality standards and safety up to the best practices in the region.

AYBA Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C. operates in the following fields:

  • The installation of precast concrete houses and elements.

  • Land digging, Filling & leveling works.

  • Landscaping and paving work.

  • Building maintenance works

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AYBA contracting and maintenance L.L.C - About us (contractor)