Sandwich wall panels are called so because of the configuration of the panels. The panels are constructed using 3 basic components. Two similar looking outward facing layers and a thick core. The name is derived as sandwich because these two panels act as a bread of the sandwich and the core is the meat. These 2 outward facing layers helps to increase the overall durability of the panel.

The thick middle core is of low strength and made out of mineral wool. The two outer plates are made up of steel, which provides the best protection to the panel. The two outer plates are made up of steel which provides the best protection against any damage if happens in future. And all these 3 layers are clubbed together to form a sandwich and connected to each other through specialized adhesives.

These sandwich panels are being used in the construction industry from roof panels to th3 floor panels. Lets look into the exact benefits of a sandwich wall system on a structure

1. Widely applicable

These sandwich panels are widely applicable in almost all sectors. They can be used in the industries like oil and as industry, wind energy industry and in the infrastructure industry. These panels are mainly used for internal and external wall coverings and also for partition walls.

2. Fast installation

These wall panels are very light in weight thus can be transported to the required places easily and installed at the site with no much efforts. These blocks can be added effectively and efficiently without the use of any big instruments to lift. Consequently, it saves you a lot of time and labour costs.

3. Good thermal insulation

As discussed earlier the middle part of the sandwich wall panel is made of mineral wool which provides a good thermal protection. Thermal protection is very much essential because it allows for temperature regulations inside the compartments. In order to provide pleasant working environment temperature is kept at a comfortable level.

4. Excellent non-combustible

To ensure fire safety the insulation has to be non-combustible, And these panels are designed in such a way that they act as a non-combustible components.

5. Mass Production with Customization

The biggest benefit associated with these sandwich panel system is, they provide you cost-savings on mass production which is highly flexible. We can use the same panel system each time, This panel system can be configured in whichever layout the end customer needs. Afterwards, the custom panel still fits perfectly into our standard wall panel assembly, minimizing any additional work to fabricate or assemble.

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