When considering the best options for your building project, precast concrete walls are the one which comes in mind. Design considerations must balance a variety of needs, such as aesthetics, functions and financing which play a role in achieving success with the finished project. Precast concretes not only ensure these general goals are met, but also provide numerous benefits that are difficult to match with other materials.  Because of the benefits associated with the concrete wall panels  these walls have become increasingly popular in a number of building applications, including educational, residential, medical, retail, commercial, governmental and industrial.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Listed below are several important advantages of precast designer wall panels

  • Fast Construction

With increase in the construction demands it is very much essential to finish the project within no time. With the use of precast systems this time has reduced to almost half compared to the traditional building system. A total precast system’s speed helps keep projects on track.

  • Minimal Maintenance Needed

Maintenance of precast panels is very little over its life span. With quality control kept in mind at the forefront of precast concrete’s production, insulated wall panels are nearly maintenance free building components. Any precast wall panels carry a minimum service life of 75 years. With minimum maintenance comes reduced labour and repair costs.

  • Durability

Precast concrete wall panels are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, which makes them dense and durable. Also these structures require low water-cement ratios to increase resistance to weathering and corrosion. Thus walls have long-term durability and require little or no maintenance to preserve their original look.

  • Easy Handling

Site construction moves smoothly without any additional equipment or techniques to life the structural components.

  • Shape and Design

Precast/prestressed components can be manufactured as per the requirement needs. These can be custom manufactured into Unusual shapes and sizes in CPCI member precast plants.

  • Fire Resistance

Precast wall panels are made up of fire resistance insulation materials. Whereas traditional concrete walls are made up of drywall as insulation, which are extremely flammable. Precast wall panels significantly delay the release of chemicals into the environment, thus acts as a toxic free and environmental-friendly.

  • Green Design

Precast concrete walls offers a number of benefits that make it environmentally friendly. Precast offers energy efficiency, recyclability, reusability along with minimal waste in the precast plant. These are made up of fly ash, slag and other waste materials aid its environmental friendliness.

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