Hollow core slabs are precast concrete elements that are prestressed and are manufactured using long-line steel casting pallets. Prestressed hollow core slabs are used for concrete frameworks that support excessive weight loads and in large open spaces. Bot material and labor will be saved when you use hollow core slabs in the process.

Hollow core slabs enable the construction of concrete frameworks that would be impossible to achieve with other systems. Structures with prestressed hollow core slabs are an ideal building solution for industrial constructions, residential buildings, and civil engineering works. To reduce the weight of the concrete framework the prestressed slabs have lengthwise hollow cores in the bottom section which means that they do not require transversal reinforcement. When you use prestressed hollow core slabs and beams you are guaranteed to save money, as well as beams, columns, material, and, most importantly, labour costs.

Below are the advantages associated with hollow-core slabs

1. Speed of Erection

Hollow core slabs can be installed within no time and safely on-site in variable weather conditions. The number of workers needed on-site are minimum and also provides the immediate working platform. These benefits allow much faster completion of flooring and quicker erection of buildings, increasing profits for the contractor.

2. Lower Material Usage

Hollow core slabs are prestressed elements that allow for shallower elements, thus reducing the amount of steel and concrete used in the construction. Supporting frame elements, columns and beams can also be reduced.

3. Structural Efficiency

Hollow-core offers a versatile solution in steel and in concrete structures. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from housing to commercial and industrial buildings, car parks, and sports stadia.

4. Quality

Prestressed hollow core is manufactured using high-quality raw materials, such as high strength concrete, and low relaxation steel wire/strand under strict quality assurance procedures and controls that meet the required national and international standards. Thus the quality of the slabs is maintained.

5. Sound Insulation

Prestressed hollow core provides superior sound insulation, an important consideration when used in residential buildings.

6. Thermal Efficiency

Hollow core slabs offer excellent thermal characteristics, helping to reduce energy consumption used in the heating and cooling of structures.

7. Sustainable

Hollow core slabs are extremely durable construction products that offer an exceptional lifespan through resistance to corrosion and cracking. As it is produced in a controlled factory environment, it also enables the reduction of waste, noise, and emissions during the entire construction process.

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