Our services meets the regional standards, with high quality finishing.



  • Value engineering and technical support in the precast concrete structural systems.

  • Erection of all kind of precast structural elements such as:

    • Precast concrete footings with different measurements.

    • Precast concrete columns with wide range of sizes and shapes.

    • Precast concrete beams in different sizes, shapes and lengths.

    • Precast concrete walls (insulated wall panels, solid load bearing wall panels, solid non-load bearing wall panels).

    • Precast concrete stairs.

    • Precast concrete parapets.

    • Precast concrete manholes, cable trough and barriers.

    • Precast concrete boundary wall with a wide range of measurements, shapes and types.

    • Precast concrete repair and sealant works.

    • Land excavation, leveling, compaction and back-filling.

Other Services

    • Facility Management

    • Maintenance contracts